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    Network offers medical practices a running start on new value-based payments

    June 16, 2016

    To get ahead of a shift from volume to value-based payments for medical services, Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency and the New York eHealth Collaborative are recruiting primary care, pediatrics and specialty care providers to take part in New York State’s new Practice Transformation Network.

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    Conference helps churches make health ministries more effective

    June 15, 2016

    Building on the success of their 2015 men’s health conference, this year’s Interdenominational Health Ministry Conference focused on health as a spiritual matter and the connection among mind, body and spirit. The conference is part of IHMC’s ongoing work to encourage local health ministries and was sponsored in part by a grant from the Greater Rochester Health Foundation and was supported by Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency.


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  • Heroin ODs climb as painkiller overdoses begin to slide in Finger Lakes region

    June 21, 2016 - Though hospitalizations for opioid-based prescriptions in the Finger Lakes region increased nearly 200 percent from 2000 to 2014, that number is finally on a downward trajectory. However, as the prescription-related overdoses decreased, the nine-county Finger Lakes region has witnessed a troubling increase in heroin-related hospitalizations.

  • Health experts worry about effects of restricting opioids

    June 15, 2016A study completed by the Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency says that the number of heroin overdoses have been increasing over the past decade, while since 2012, overdoses for pain medications have declined. Researchers believe there could be a correlation between the decreased supply of prescription opioids and an increase of heroin use. 


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Lead Poisoning

Since 2000, this community-wide coalition has used legislation, regulation, advertising, education and other tools to make lead poisoning a thing of the past. 

Practice Transformation

We help medical practices embrace a team approach to care, a new model that improves outcomes, lowers costs and increases patient and doctor satisfaction.

Healthi Kids

Working with parents, government officials and school staff, our Healthi Kids Coalition is helping to improve lunchroom nutrition, create safer play spaces and increase physical activity during the school day.

High Blood Pressure

This business-led health campaign supports initiatives in medical practices, congregations, worksites, neighborhoods and even barbershops and salons.


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