Community Needs Assessment for Finger Lakes Performing Provider System DSRIP Application

The NY State Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program provides a framework to comprehensively reform how Medicaid services are reimbursed within NY State.

Find out more about how this program will impact the Greater Finger Lakes Region.

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FLHSA - A Regional Health Improvement Collaborative

FLHSA works with more than 1,100 people in the Finger Lakes region to advance the Triple Aim of better care for health consumers, better health in our community,and lower cost.  Together, we are making a difference by identifying community health needs and developing solutions to meet those needs.



Our Programs

Working with our partners, we are improving health quality and access.  Our programs aim to make the Finger Lakes region the healthiest community in America.

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Community Spotlight
National Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement
National Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement

FLHSA is a proud member of NRHI. 

EWLW for healthy Blood Pressure

FLHSA and the Rochester Business Alliance are leading a communitywide, effort to transform how adults manage their blood pressure by working with business leaders, physicians, and community organizations.

Research and DataFLHSA's experienced data & analytics team is helping us build the regional health care system of the future.